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About Arabella

I live on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast and get huge inspiration from my natural surroundings.  I am happily married with two teenage daughters and have two miniature dachshunds.  In my spare time I enjoy wild swimming with friends in the sea and local rivers, Pilates, walking, reading and Qi gong. I originally trained as a Montessori teacher and worked in a well-known large prep school in London.

Why do I work in Nutrition?

My health journey has been long and complicated, and I have worked hard to balance my health and lifestyle so know how hard this struggle can be! I spent a long time in my teens and twenties trying to better my wellbeing and found it hard to find answers.  Whilst on holiday with my husband and children in my 30s, I read an article about a course at CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine).  Having researched the course and others of a similar nature it really resonated with me and so the journey began. 

Healthy Food

'Food should be savoured and enjoyed without restriciton.'


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