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About Arabella 

I live on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast and get huge inspiration from my natural surroundings.  I am happily married with two teenage daughters and have two miniature dachshunds.  In my spare time I enjoy wild swimming with friends in the sea and local rivers, Pilates, walking, reading and Qi gong. I originally trained as a Montessori teacher and worked in a well-known large prep school in London.

Why do I work in Nutrition?

My health journey has been long and complicated, and I have worked hard to balance my health and lifestyle so know how hard this struggle can be! I spent a long time in my teens and twenties trying to better my wellbeing and found it hard to find answers.  Whilst on holiday with my husband and children in my 30s, I read an article about a course at CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine).  Having researched the course and others of a similar nature it really resonated with me and so the journey began.

Services & Fees

How I Can Help

As I result of my own journey, I can empathise with my clients on how it is to not feel one’s best. This allows me to be well placed to support my clients.  It takes a brave and dedicated individual to tackle the journey and face up to their health concerns.  It is very easy to mask ongoing issues with outside stimulants and habits. 

I specialise in child and teen health..

My aim is to help parents rebalance and support their childrens health by giving them the tools to do this confidently.

Community + Connection

Although I offer online consultations for less local clients, the value of face to face is enormous.  I find this helps me build a better rapport and relationship.  I will be offering consultations at my clinic in Brancaster as well as satellite locations including Holt.  If you are unable to travel to me, I can do home consultations via prior arrangement. 

Please contact me for more details. 

I have a data base of some incredible practitioners, laboratory and supplement companies and many other resources to help you on your journey.  As the saying goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Often my clients benefit from seeing a few practitioners to help balance different aspects of their health.  For example, acupuncturists, osteopaths, reflexologists, Pilates, Yoga and Breathwork teachers often work beautifully together. 



Inital Consultation (Child) Birth-15  years) 1 hour £120

Initial Consultation 16-19 years - 1.5 hours - £150 

Follow Up Consultation - 1 hour - £110   ½ hour - £75

Complex case may require a Follow Up every x2 weeks to keep them supported and on track.

Home Visit (2 hours) (to include a family menu + cupboard assessment) - £200 (plus mileage if over 20 miles)

Please email me for futher details

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