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Services & Fees

How I Can Help

As I result of my own journey, I can empathise with my clients on how it is to not feel one’s best. This allows me to be well placed to support my clients.  It takes a brave and dedicated individual to tackle the journey and face up to their health concerns.  It is very easy to mask ongoing issues with outside stimulants and habits.  My aim is to help you rebalance this.

I have a particular interest child and teen health, female health, hormone balance, gut and immune health. 

Community + Connection

Although I offer online consultations for less local clients, the value of face to face is enormous.  I find this helps me build a better rapport and relationship.  I will be offering consultations at my clinic in Brancaster as well as satellite locations including Holt.  If you are unable to travel to me, I can do home consultations via prior arrangement. 

Please contact me for more details. 

I have a data base of some incredible practitioners, laboratory and supplement companies and many other resources to help you on your journey.  As the saying goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Often my clients benefit from seeing a few practitioners to help balance different aspects of their health.  For example, acupuncturists, osteopaths, reflexologists, Pilates, Yoga and Breathwork teachers often work beautifully together. 



Initial Consultation - 1.5 hours - £150 

Follow Up Consultation - 1 hour - £110   ½ hour - £75

Complex case may require a Follow Up every x2 weeks to keep them supported and on track.

Home Visit (2 hours) (to include a family menu + cupboard assessment) - £200 (plus mileage if over 20 miles)

Please email me for futher details

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